Days and Nights Series #5
Days and Nights Series #5
Days and Nights Series #5

Days and Nights Series #5

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This series was inspired by the repetition of days and nights and how similar they seem, yet they are so different.

Some nights seem so long...but then become short as the sun rises.

Some days feel as though they are just the same as the last...almost feeling as though it is like “Groundhog Day” - but they are always different and always better as we are all changing.

Change can bring brightness, joy, relief, comfort and a sense of happiness.

The sun will always rise. X


These earrings were crafted from repurposed acrylic saved from landfill through the reuse of manufacturing discards. They were designed, laser cut, hand-etched and hand-painted in Australia.

All of the 925 sterling silver components were hand crafted and some pieces were oxidised. Each pair comes packaged thoughtfully in a printed box.