Something vs Nothing - series #4
Something vs Nothing - series #4
Something vs Nothing - series #4

Something vs Nothing - series #4

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This series is inspired by nothing. 

Birds sing as the silence sits still. The air doesn't move and the sounds that embody movement have not yet begun.

In every moment and every movement there is a desire for something.

Something to fill. Something to see. Something to hold, to smell, to experience, to embrace, to find and something to do. 

Something creates sound and reason. Beyond the sound we become immersed in searching for something. If there was nothing in everything we would appreciate the preciousness of time, space and nothing. 

Our constant searching would cease and nothing would be ok. 


Each pair of hand-crafted earrings in this series is unique and a one-off. 

These earrings have been crafted from oxidised 925 sterling silver, brass, recycled perspex and artists quality acrylic paint. 

All my jewellery is handcrafted at my studio in Perth, Western Australia. The perspex is recycled from discarded offcuts from manufacturers, which aims to divert it from entering landfill and to reduce plastic waste. 

These handcrafted earrings come packaged mindfully in a printed, velvet-lined box.