Frequently asked questions

What is your work made of?
The materials I mainly use are acrylic, high quality artist acrylic
paint, 925 sterling silver and 14 carat rose gold.
Will my piece be remade and repeated, or is it a one off?
All my work are one-off pieces, some may be a little bit similar in design,
but all my mark makings, colours, shapes and designs are unique- so
you won’t see someone wearing the same piece/pieces that you have
Do you take commissions?
Absolutely, send me an email and we can discuss colours, shapes
together so I can make what you desire.
Do you make studs or clip-ons?
Yes, most definitely I can look at altering some of my pieces to make
them clip ons. This will need to be discussed as a commission before
hand so that they can be custom made to suit the clip on attachment.
I missed out on a piece I wanted in your shop, can you make me the
same thing that I want?
All my work are hand made and one-off pieces. I recommend you follow
my Instagram to know when my next shop update is happening to allow
you the best chance to get in first. However, if you get in touch I can
discuss making a similar piece if you miss out.
Can you repair a piece that I have broken?
Of course, if you email me with your enquiry we can discuss what needs
to be repaired and the cost involved.
I've misplaced one of my earrings, can you make me a replacement?
I am more than happy to make you a replacement earring. Depending on the size
of the earrings I usually charge between $40 - $60 for a replacement. I
would ask you to send me the earring to ensure I can make one to
match. If you would like to go ahead, get in touch via email and I can
discuss it further with you.