Melánge mind-  Series #1
Melánge mind-  Series #1
Melánge mind-  Series #1

Melánge mind- Series #1

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This series of one-off earrings was inspired by memory. The intertwining of memories that sometimes fuse into one, creating unity to form a perspective of time. Memories that are forgotten may depart us momentarily as we replace one for another, though with clarity and time the restoration of the melánge mind discovers distant memories buried amongst the abundance of the treasures we hold. 

All of my pieces are made from repurposed perspex collected from manufacturers discarded offcuts. In collecting these off cuts of perspex I aim to divert these beautifully coloured pieces of material from entering landfill which creates a sustainable practice. 

This pair of earrings are a one-off creation, allowing the wearer to adorn their day with a unique form of wearable art. 

Hand-etched, hand-painted, recycled perspex and 925 sterling silver. Packaged thoughtfully in a printed velvet lined box.